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Travelling in Thailand with children is a pleasure


Thailand is a wonderful destination if you are travelling with children. We went for 3 weeks with our 5 children aged 16, 15, 11, 5, not forgetting little Arthur, aged 3 months

Here we are eating again – no washing up required!

It is fun and fulfilling travelling with children. We found that the children loved the experience and were really positive and enthusiastic about it. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for a family to get really close to each other and share some good experiences.

The teenagers messing around in the pool

A lot of the disagreements which can happen at home simply don’t exist because for once you all have time and space for each other. It was also lovely to see how the children got closer together, the boys and girls playing together in the water, chatting and generally having a good time, despite their ages.

The children making friends, whatever their nationality.

The Thai people, young and old, are all crazy about children. Our youngest was kidnapped several times a day, returning with several different shades of lipstick on his head! Never has a human being been kissed so often in such a short space of time.

Arthur being kidnapped (yet) again. Luckily, this takes place while we’re eating dinner…..

In Mummy's arms

If you’re lucky enough to travel with a small baby or young child, we highly recommend taking a practical baby sling with you. The traffic in the larger towns and the incredibly high pavements in Koh Samui make it tricky trying to push a pram or buggy around.

3 month old Arthur looking up at Mummy

All in all it’s extremely safe and snug to have your baby so close. My husband and I took it in turns to carry little Arthur. Sometimes he slept soundly and other times he just sat up and enjoyed the view.

Arthur has a safe and good view of the world.

A sling can give a lot of personal freedom for parents, as you are completely mobile. We often talk about how we wish we could have used a sling for all 5 children, had we known about them at the time. An extra benefit is that it is extremely healthy for a child to be carried in a sling.

You can read much more about slings and how it influence you and your child here



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