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There are some Wonderful guided tours on Koh Samui in Thailand


On a trip with Mr. Sala – the happy man

There are several different destinations for trips worth seeing on Koh Samui. As a family we chose to rent a car with a well-respected tour guide, Mr. Sala. The trip lasted 4 hours and there was a designated driver as well as Mr. Sala.

An added benefit was that Mr. Sala took care of little Arthur whilst we had an extra look at Buddha, the viewing points, waterfall and everything else.

It’s a great way of seeing the island – we decided on the way which areas we would like to go and see. We paid a little extra for some of the activities we chose to do, like the elephant rides.

You can find signs for these trips all over Koh Samui – you should just choose one which suits you. All the trips seemed to offer pretty much the same things.

At Buddha’s feet

We started out with a visit to The Big Buddha, an enormous and beautiful Buddha statue. This is a huge tourist attraction with plenty of stalls offering different kinds of things you can buy in the area around it.

Riding the elephants

Next on the agenda was elephant riding. This is a really fun experience, especially for the children being wobbled along on the large animals through the lush trees. The elephant trip ended next to a small waterfall.

It’s fun having a real-life monkey on your arm

Finally we saw one of the famous monkey shows (don’t expect a big circus). Here you can see monkeys doing what they do every day – climbing up tall palm trees and with great agility pull the coconuts off with their small feet and throw them to the ground.

After this trip we felt like doing something different and chose to go on a boat trip

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