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It’s a pleasure shopping on Koh Samui in Thailand


The shopping experience on Koh Samui should not be missed. Everything is amazingly cheap, and it’s especially nice if you’re a family with children to feel like you can afford to go shopping for once.

Here we are looking around in Natron, the capital of Koh Samui

There is of course a huge range of brand copies, but it’s fun to look around and you can easily haggle with the shopkeepers/market sellers..

Amongst others we shopped in the the town of Bophut on the North Coast of Samui as well as Lamai and Chaweng on the East Coast. Chaweng is the largest shopping centre and there are many clothes shops and shops selling electronic goods. The towns often consist of a long main high street with quite a lot of traffic, so you need to take care when crossing the road. There are also markets in nearly all the towns, selling all kinds of things, from plastic items to exotic fruit or clothes.

In Natron in a covered market area

The main town Natron is definitely worth a visit. The shops there are a bit different and there is a large covered market area where the Thai people buy fresh fish, meat, vegetables and fruit etc. This is a particularly ’authentic’ market (our children were nearly passing out from the smell)! The hygiene was in truth very different from home. In Natron there is a lovely little shop which specialises in batik prints. We bought a beautiful, hand-dyed hammock for £7.50, in which our baby Arthur now sleeps in our kitchen.

There is also a shopping centre on the island at Lotus, which more or less consists of a huge supermarket and a few restaurants. You can buy pretty much anything here – a bit like a Thai version of Kmart.

Brand copies can be bought everywhere – especially in the big tourist areas

In Thailand you can buy very cheap cds, videos, gameboys – pretty much any kind of electronic equipment. CDs and videos cost around £1.50 each (you can even buy the very latest releases). Very occasionally the quality is not the best but only in very few cases.
There is also a huge market for designer copy clothing, such as Gucci, Rayban, Von Dutsch, Etnics, Diesel, Puma and many others, the quality of which is excellent. (These are particularly popular with teenagers). For the adults there are a lot of beautiful fabrics in Thai silk – for example bedspreads and cushion covers.



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