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Shakes – a lovely, tasty drink


Sara drinking a special coconut shake

Some of the most delicious drinks in Thailand are the many different fresh fruit shakes. They come in many different varieties, such as pineapple, watermelon, papaya, banana, coconut and mango or a combination of fruit.

The shakes are based on either water, milk or yogurt. The yogurt based drink is a bit more filling but extremely tasty. Most of the family preferred the fruit shakes than fizzy drinks such as coke.. and the fruit shakes are a much healthier and thirst quenching option.
No two fruit shakes tasted the same – there must be many different ways of making them.

One recipe for a pineapple shake was lots of fresh pineapple, a little concentrated pineapple juice, a little boiled cooled water with sugar and crushed ice. This was put in a blender and served ice cold. At home in Denmark this would cost around 30 Danish Kroner (£3), compared to Samui where it cost around 5 Danish kroner (50p).



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