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4 km of quiet beaches at Mae Nam, the north part of Samui































































Priserne på massage ligger fra 200 bath (30 dkr) og opefter. Som regel tager det cirka. 1 times tid.

The beach at Mae Nam in high season.

The beach at Mae Nam is 4km of long and beautiful coastline. There are a number of large and small resorts out to the water here but there were surprisingly few tourists.

We often took walks on the beach where we hardly ever met anyone else. If we ate outside the La Paz resort there were often only 4 or 5 other people in the restaurant. So if you love peace and quiet then this is the place for you. The resort is, however, not too far from the town of Mae Nam, which is not the world’s most charming town.

Silverbeach is the local’s favourite beach at koh Samui, Thailand

Silver Beach is one of the most beautiful places we stayed at.

It is nearly a little lagoon where there are 3 resorts on the beach. We stayed at Silver Beach Resort.

The beach is surrounded by beautiful rock formations

The water is crystal clear and is supposed to be one of the best places for snorkelling on Samui unless you take a special boat trip specifically for snorkelling. The coral starts 20-30m out from the beach and the water is not very deep so you can easily take small children out into the water with their waterwings on.

Crystal clear water and colourful fish.

There is a wide variety of fish and we saw lots of different species such as clown fish, octupi, etc. It’s especially nice snorkelling with someone else so you can share your experiences afterwards. Sadly a lot of the coral, like in many other areas of Thailand, is dead – but there is quite a bit which is still alive and very colourful.

The Beach at Fisherman's Village Bophut is also quite lovely

Massage under the cool shade of the trees

The beach at the little idyllic fishing village of Bophut is also very good – you just have to go over the main street to reach it. The water is not completely clear and there is no coral, but it is quite clean and absolutely wonderful to swim in.

On the beach, and in fact on many other beaches on the island you’ll find a lot of people selling different things, such as bedspreads, hats, fruit, ice cream, sweetcorn or the indispensible chicken satay. The satay is a snack which can be made on the spot. The seller carries a stand with a barbecue and 5-10 minutes later you are served the delicious chicken sticks for lunch.

You can also get a massage on the beach. It is a lovely relaxing experience for both the grown-ups and children. There are many different kinds of massage on offer – amongst others, a full-body oil massage with coconut oil, or a head/shoulders/feet massage. It’s a luxury which we’re not that used to at home.

We didn’t take any photos at Chaweng or Lamai Beach

There were simply too many people – but the beaches are without a doubt white and absolutely top-class. If you’re looking for a quiet palm-tree idyll then you shouldn’t go here. But if you’re looking for a lively place with night life, shops, tourists then Lamai and Chaweng have it all.



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